Fred Choate

USA // Billings, Montana



Fred Choate – Singer/Songwriter

Sometimes we put our dreams on hold to build a life. After spending the last 15 years raising a family and making a living in the construction trade, I longed for a simpler, slower paced life.  I moved back to Montana, where I was born and raised. It turns out it was the perfect place to pursue my dream and passion for music.

It began over twenty years ago, with the purchase of my first guitar. I taught myself to play by listening to cassettes of country music. I also learned by watching and listening to local musicians play in clubs. After some encouragement, I finally made my way on stage for “Jam Night”, and not long after I was performing in front of dance crowds. It seemed that writing music was just a natural progression for me, and I took that step in ’92.

Although it slept for a while, my dream has not died, and with the encouragement and support of my loving family my music aspirations are back on track and I am enjoying pursuing my passion. I write about real life experiences. I focus on creating imagery in the listeners mind, through my lyrics.

My hope is you will enjoy listening to my songs and getting to know me through my music, as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

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